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My Classroom

Here is a peek at my little classroom.

I hope you enjoy it!

This is the first thing you see before you enter our classroom. It helps the students know they are respected, loved, appreciated and welcome.

I found this idea on Pinterest- it's not my original idea :)

This is the view of my classroom from my desk.

Our calendar wall and carpet.

We have been doing a balloon countdown to amp up our excitement at the end of this school year. It's a big hit!

I fell in love with this reading wall. I found it on Amy Groesbeck's TPT store

Rules and Reading Posters

Caught with Character

Every day students fill out their character logs and track their progress for the week. 
Students who's clips make it to the top of the chart get a a character card which they pin on the board. At the end of the month we do a raffle and students win prizes.

Clipchart and Classroom Jobs!

Handshakes and Claps!

 One of the teachers I student taught with had posters like these that she had made and the students got a kick out of them. I recreated them and have used them with my own class, and they work like a charm. The kids particularly love "mountain climber" because when the stick out their arm, I use my pointer finger and middle finger to run up their arm and then I say in a squeaky voice "I made it to the top, I made it to the top." The think its just hilarious!

 View of our room as you walk in:

Here's a little close up of our writing focus wall.

Are you a bucket filler?

This cute little visual helps my students see when they are being bucket fillers. I was inspired by one of my coworkers to create this and I'm so happy its in my classroom this year. It's turning into a great motivator for my kiddos to continue working on kindness.

Reading Buddies
My students love "reading" with these buddies. I found most of them at the goodwill over the summer and it was definitely a worthwhile investment! They have gotten so much joy from these little guys :)

End of the Day Learning Review

Okay, so just ignore the posters :) 
I found this idea on pinterest and it has been so fun to implement. 
Whenever we have a little extra time before we wrap things up each day, I like to give my students a few minutes to think about what "stuck with them." This has been an awesome activity and I love hearing what was meaningful to them. 

Extra Supplies:
I finally got matching bins for all of my extras (markers, glue, lysol wipes, kleenex) and I feel so much better storing them in plain sight. A little bit of color coding makes all the difference!

And Lastly, One of my favorite quotes:

 This is on the wall that you first see as you enter my room.

I hope you enjoyed my tour :)

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